Mallebrok is a Danish electrophonic folk orchestra. All members are active in the folk, jazz, medieval, electronic and metal scene. Well, of course not at the same time. Or in the same bands.  But in Mallebrok they unite and make poetic and wild folktronica for the people!

• Morten Musicus: Citton, hammered dulcimer, flutes, vocal
• Mia Guldhammer: Voice
• David Mondrup: Laptop, keys, vocal
• Jacob Lund: All kinds of drums
• Jonas Lindh: Trombone, flutes, vocal

BOOKING: Sabs Booking & Music Management +45 51 72 00 26


Virelai is based in Denmark and plays music from the Middle ages and from the Danish folk tradition. The repertoire includes dancing melodies from the south of Europe as well as old Nordic ballads and songs.

Mia Guldhammer: Vocal

Søren Hammerlund: Mandola & Hurdy Gurdy

Martin Seeberg: Bratch, fiddle, flutes, shawn, bagpipes

Jacob Lund: Davul, dabourka, frame drums, percussion


Nøkken is a collaboration between Dour/Le Pottier Quartet (Bretagne, FR), Sofia Sandén (SE) and Mia Guldhammer (DK). A combination of strings, skin and voices, blending three traditions. All with the traditional ballads and the love of folk music in common. 

Sofia Sandén: Vocal

Mia Guldhammer: Vocal

Floriane Le Pottier: Violin

Jonathan Dour: Violin

Mat Chevrel: Cello

Antonin Volson: Drums


Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup

Tral, tråd & Tradition…

Tradition carrier and singer Mia Guldhammer and guitarist and singer Morten Alfred Høirup offer a broad selection of folk songs. They might be old and in a foreign language, but the melodies are beautiful and good fun, and the stories behind these songs not only move and entertain, they also gives substance for thoughts, even if some of them are several hundred years old…

Mia Guldhammer: Vocal, shruti box

Morten Alfred Høirup: Vocal & guitar